I have decided to end this venture. All remaining products are automatically 40% off at check out. Ive decided to focus more on my nutritional health coaching at rerootedinhealth.com thank you to everyone who has committed to lessening the toxic load!

10% of monthly sales are directed towards M6:8 charity.

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Picks that we love

  • Tallow Balm

    One of the purest forms of healing ingredients for the skin, grass fed Tallow is naturally full of Vitamines A, D and E making it extrextremely nourishesing for all skin conditions

  • All Natural Extra Strength Deodorant

    Free of aluminum , False fragrance Parabens and Phthalates , made with Tallow

  • Allergy Defense

    Tis the season! Take care of your allergies in a natural way with ingredients like quercetin , Bromelain and nettle root

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  • Non Toxic Laundry Detergant

    wash your clothes with safe ingredients that wont irritate your skin, Free of petrochemicals, solvents, dyes, and pesticides

  • Pure Beeswax candle

    Dont like the harmful fumes conventional candles give off but miss the ambience , this candle not only has no fragrance but beeswax actually purifies the air !

  • Calm Face Tonic(toner)

    Skin needing some calming after a day in the heat? Try our facuial tonic made with star ingredients like lavender calendula and arnica

  • Air and Fabric freshener

    grab a seasonal room freshener without the overwhelming false scent that sometimes causes headaches and still enjoy the summer aroma!