Here at Transparency products we are dedicated to helping people swap out their potentially toxic everyday products from cleaning to skin care in order to achieve a truly clean safe home. We provide products from companies that are open and transparent about the ingredients they use and how they fragrance their products, brands that care about your family's health and wellness . You won't find green washing here, everything we offer is vetted so you can buy with ease of mind

10% of monthly sales are directed towards M6:8 charity.

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  • Tallow Balm

    One of the purest forms of healing ingredients for the skin, grass fed Tallow is naturally full of Vitamines A, D and E making it extrextremely nourishesing for all skin conditions

  • Under Luna Shampoo and Conditioner

    Under Luna's Shampoo&Conditioner are unlike most natural brands , full of rich nourishing ingredients work to really clean the hair and scalp and while leaving the hair super soft and light


    Need help falling asleep bugt dont want something habit forming or full of chemicals ? try our cbd and cbg tonic formulated with natural ingredients like ashwaghanda and magnesium

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  • Non Toxic Laundry Detergant

    wash your clothes with safe ingredients that wont irritate your skin, Free of petrochemicals, solvents, dyes, and pesticides

  • Pure Beeswax candle

    Dont like the harmful fumes conventional candles give off but miss the ambience , this candle not only has no fragrance but beeswax actually purifies the air !

  • Brighten Face Tonic(toner)

    Skin feeling dull with the dryness coming into fall, winter months? Try our facuial tonic made with star ingredients to natural give your skin some life with organic yarrow lemon and lady's mante

  • Air and Fabric freshener

    grab a seasonal room freshener without the overwhelming false scent that sometimes causes headaches and still enjoy the fall aroma!