My Story

I've been dreaming of curating some type of store that can help others who are trying to transition their lives to be a little healthier and safer one day and one product at a time. This started because I myself have struggled with anxiety,  digestive and fertility issues and have learned over the years the dangers most products on the shelf have and are the culprit of many health issues. Most products don't have to be and aren't regulated and have tons and tons of toxic chemicals which add up to created a very toxic load on our bodies. They claim it's just a little bit and in that form cannot be harmful but the problem is there are so many products that we use daily and our immune system and liver are overwhelmed. Our skin is also our largest organ and we are breathing in everything we use as well.

This isn't to scare you but inform and empower you to know better and do better and hopefully fix some "common" health issues like migraines or skin issues that might arise when using these products. I despise brands that pry on people trying to do better by using green washing terms while hiding ingredients. Everything we offer here will be transparent on what they use and how they fragrance. This has been a long and sometimes tough transition but Im so happy to know that my home is safe and not contributing to the fast growing health concerns like fertility issues and even cancer. whether you like completely fragrance free or want scents we will provide a safe product for the whole family.

I hope to continue to grow this store for tons of access to a multitude of brands so thank you for supporting me as we figure out  the direction of this business. It means the world to me , and I sincerely cant wait to help others in their health journey.

Much Gratitude Tessa.

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