Transparency Matters

Too many times lately Ive been seeing recalls and Documentaries on products people have been using for years. We now know, and some of us have been saying for a while that the ingredients in these everyday products on the shelves for anyone to buy are causing many health concerns.

Skin irritations , respiratory issues , infertility hormone  and endocrine disrupters and even cancer causing ingredients.

these ingredients are either not regulated or deemed safe in small amounts, but that doesn’t  factor in the amount of products we put on our bodies and breath in on a daily basis. its calculated that on average women put over 166 chemicals on their body A DAY.

Companies are even false advertising and manipulating people who are learning and trying to do better by using words like clean, green, all natural ect to trick you into buying there same products that they've just changed the packaging on to make it look more inviting but all you have to do is read the ingredients and especially look out for the work " parfume / fragrance ": they're allowed to hide hundreds to thousands of ingredients under this phrase. If they were an honest Company and confident in their products why not just share what they are?

Here at Transparency Products LLC we are fighting against this tragedy by providing a safe place to purchase all your home goods and beauty products in one cart, under one shipment and you can be at ease that these are made with safe ingredients  for the whole family by people and companies  who are also fed up with the industry. They are always transparent in what they use and started their business based on their interest in wanting clean safe products for their own homes.

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